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For a Better Future


Putting Public Interests Before Personal Interests.  Understands customer care and

is willing to ensure resources needed to take care of our citizens, our students, our seniors, and our future.

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The Tax Commissioner is responsible for collecting the resources from citizens that we use to fund our programs and services.

Integrity Transparency



For a Better Community 

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My New Channel

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  • DeKalb County Community Council (District 4) -Appointed Position

  • MOM's Demand Action-Dekalb

  • WAND (Women's Action for New Directions)

  • Military Service Personnel Behavioral Health - Certification

  • Real Estate Document Closer

I am counting on You to count on Me..

Why I am the right candidate for this job?

I am Roslyn Allison McCaskill and I want to be your Tax Commissioner.  DeKalb County deserves a Tax Commissioner who is innovative, understands customer care, accountable; and is committed to the future of our county. 

Public Servants

It is time we have a Tax Commissioner who appreciates the responsibility of public servants and have an increased presence in the community. 

What I bring:

  1. Direct interpersonal skills with the community;

  2. Change Agent (Problem Solver)

  3. Attention to detail of day-to-day activities, reports (daily, monthly, quarterly and annual);

  4.  Streamlining and Solidifying processes and procedures;

  5. Understanding and Connection to various citizens and communities as a whole; and

  6. Communication (provide information -listen)

News & Updates

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Early Voting May 19, 2020       Primary Election June 9, 2020


Rental and Utility Assistance – Dekalb County Georgia

Citizens of Dekalb are you in Need of Rental and Utility Assistance?  Call Dekalb County Coordinated Entry  Hotline at 404 687 3500

                                                        DEKALB COUNTY 


What is a Tax Commissioner?

Provisions of the Georgia’s Constitution created the office of Tax Commissioner, which provides the tax commissioner to be an elected county officer.

Role and Responsibility is:

  1. Every phase of collection, billing, disbursing ad valorem property taxes processing the exemptions. 

  2. The office acts as an agent for the State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Division for processing titles, sales, transfers, and renewals of license plates.

  3. This office is responsible for disbursing the tax money to the governing authorities (i.e., state, county, school, cities, water authority, and hospitals).

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Home Page

DeKalb County Board of Health COVID-19 Hotline

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P.O Box 2743 Tucker, GA 30085

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